"Anxiety hit me hard about 5 months ago, and I’m not exactly sure where it came from, only that the thoughts, pictures, and sensations it produces are very disturbing. I’m not ashamed to put it out there because I now know I’m not alone. Once you realize that you can direct your unconscious mind, therefore your thoughts and anxiety through PRACTICING the Anxiety CRUSHING Techniques, then the road gets much easier to travel. It is a journey, and Mark has a lot of great, drug free techniques that I intend to KEEP practicing as I leave my fears in the dust once and for all."
Cheryl E., Personal client
“Your technique has helped me A LOT in the past 2 days.”
V.M., Website comment
“Hey Mark, I just wanted to say that I just tried one of the Anxiety Crushers right now and I feel so relaxed and worry free. I’m 17 and I’ve been dealing with stress and anxiety quite severely since around 5th grade and had many weird symptoms such as my palms feeling kind of strange, almost as if my hands were having the anxiety and just feeling overall horrible at times, but I haven’t felt this good for a long time and it’s a great feeling. I just wanted to say thank you so much and I really appreciate the help.”
Kent, Personal client
“Oh my god… When you said ‘Now wheres the anxiety?’ It gave me the biggest grin I have had in a long time… ‘cuz it was GONE! This is genius! You’re a genius sir!”
JayTheBoat, Website comment
"When I woke up this morning I was thinking about my panic attacks. I could not remember that last time I had one! I used the techniques in your CRUSH Anxiety Program... Thank you so much for all your help."
Robin, Customer testimonial
“Mark, I just used one of your 7 Anxiety CRUSHER techniques on a situation I was anticipating that was VERY anxiety provoking. I had to use it about four times on the event, and each time I could feel my anxiety lessen to the point where it is now totally gone! This stuff really works great! Thanks again for all your help!”
Norma S., Customer testimonial

Video Testimonials…

Meet Jon Barb, A corporate trainer who showed up in Manhattan for a training that turned out to have been relocated to Stamford CT. Needless to say he had a major anxiety attack but used my techniques to calm down and figure out how to get to Stamford, how to save the day and ultimately the client…

Meet Cheryl, who 5 months prior to working with me began to have anxiety and panic attacks out of the blue…

Meet Michael Guerin who had a severe phone phobia or “call anxiety” before I worked with him. We worked together in 2007 and he’s doubled his income every year since…doing business mostly on the phone…

Meet Carol who had a level 10 anxiety about an upcoming road trip…I worked with her for 2 hours and this is a glimpse of how she felt at the end of our session…

Angelina was shaking and trembling whenever a certain person walked into the room. After a 1 on 1 session that included the 7 Secrets to Crush Anxiety, she was fine.

More Testimonials…

“Thank you so much, I thought there was nothing I could do, I don’t feel so stuck anymore.”
~ BeautyBlogs

Mark’s intensive phobia-releasing session CURED me. The “trigger” no longer causes me to shake and tremble. That’s a miracle! The healing affected more than just me.”
~ A. Hart

“I have done the clearings for all the emotions for the last 3 days, and the timeline for the anticipatory anxiety, and my panic is gone!!!! :D I feel so good, I almost can’t believe it!”
~ Michael

“Mark, I just used one of your 7 Anxiety CRUSHER techniques on a situation I was anticipating that was VERY anxiety provoking. I had to use it about four times on the event, and each time I could feel my anxiety lessen to the point where it is now totally gone! This stuff really works great! Thanks again for all your help!”
~ Norma S.

“This is a very helpful technique i felt better immediately after practicing.”
~ Selenc986

“I think your videos are Awesome and overall are sooooooooo helpful I’ve read the linden method and Panic Away and they seem to help with the symptoms but not actually explain HOW to help …THANK YOU SO MUCH i really believe your videos have really opened my mind to understanding I’m really in control I just have to give the right instructions and I’ll get a positive reaction! This is going to help me with so many things in my life that always held me back.”
~ Victoria N.

“Thanks so much for doing all this. Your method really has changed my life within 10 minutes.”
~ celtic426

“Thank you thank you!!!!”
~ juuliuuz

“Thank you for posting such helpful information for new sufferers (but not for long now) like myself. I’ve only started getting anxiety/panic attacks for the last 6 days and was seriously hoping it wouldn’t turn into a lifetime issue until I decided to see what was available on YouTube. After watching ALL your videos i feel better in knowing there is a way to overcome this without the aid of drugs. I’ve just come back from seeing my medical practitioner who prescribed me Lorazopam 2.5mg. NO THANKS.”
~ punkpistol

“Thank you sir. Your videos have been a great help. THANK YOU !”
~ kayleebrianna

“Really awesome– clear, helpful– very effective. Thank u so much!!!!!!!!”
~ Animalll2003lll

“Thank u so much !! I like how u help us with out recommending meds , I hate meds I feel they make u worse but thanks so, so, so, so, so much for the advice !! Keep up the good work you are a genius.”
~ StarAngel094

“These videos are rare gems worth watching. No gimmicks, to the point, helpful information that I am using as you teach and visualizing the results. T H A N K Y O U ! !”
~ Shottagon

“Worked for me as well thanks alot :)”
~ slamedcivic1302

“Thank you for this awesome video!! I have GAD. I’m having a hard time figuring out what it is exactly that I’m afraid of happening in the future. What do I do if there’s something that I’m afraid WON’T happen in the future, and I want it to happen? What about if there’s something I’m afraid of happening in the future, but I don’t know when or where it will happen (anxiety attacks). I decided to trust my intuition and just pick some fears at random, and I did find some relief, so THANK YOU!!”
~ eablokker

“Great info, man, thanks for putting it out there!”
~ NintendoCapriSun

“Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
~ Thet3

“Thanks dude… It may sound simple and crazy but it does work… Your mind doesn’t know the difference between imagined and real. Just imagine the positive outcome. See it happening… Program yourself to be successful and u will b.. Good stuff man!”
~ ssips720

“What a wonderful technique! Thank you so very much.”
~ klonk98

~ rachaelgolden

“I’ve Have 2 Months Dealin With Anxiety/Panic Attacks n Its So Good for Ppl Like Us to Have Ppl Like U Who Take Time to Help Other Ppl n I Just Wanted to Say Thank U So Much I’ve Been Searchin For Information about it n Thank God I Know How to Control it Better. Thank u ;)”
~ Wisin305

“Thank you for posting this video. it does really help. You are a great man!”
~ neskasis

“Wicked! Seriously man that was soo helpful. I was dreading work today and was also feeling down because another job i applied for were not getting back to me. Using this technique i instantly felt better and then i received 2 emails, one saying work was cancelled today, and another stating I’ve got an interview! :D It’s soo good using my mind for the best instead of the worst”
~ badgersex76

“That was amazing. It really did make an impact in terms of how I perceived my anxiety. My perspective on my previously anxious situation is now one that I can handle. We really can alter reality by the way we perceive it. Thank you very much and bless your heart Mark. Thanks for sharing!”
~ enchanted1rhapsody

“You’re awesome god bless you and people like you!”
~ ninothekidd000

“Thank you for this. I’ve recently been diagnosed with GAD in the past week. I find that medication doesn’t work for me and I’m constantly anxious about anything. Especially about my physical health. I’ve been looking for answers for a long time and I’ve found that techniques such as yours are a big help. I really appreciate people that actually want to help such as yourself. Keep up the good work i will be definitely trying your techniques :)”
~ wilde33

“Thanks a lot man, it really helped me right now about my flying anxiety that I will be on a plane in 12 hours and I was very worried but your tool really helped….hopefully it will work when I’m on a plane full of people and over an ocean high above the ground …well done.”
~ Blazinhotzulfe

“Thank you so much for this, wow! You’re great.”
~ celinademars

“Excellent* Brilliant* Well Done* You will help thousands if not millions of people around the world.”
~ swervemufc