How To Stop Anxiety… Now

“If You Suffer From Crippling Anxiety or Panic Attacks I Can Help YOU Get Your Life Back!”

Dear Fellow Anxiety or Panic Attack Sufferer,

If there was a real, proven treatment to CRUSH anxiety and panic attacks without harmful drugs of endless therapy would you take a few moments to learn more about it?

I know you’re skeptical. That’s normal. In fact I want you to be. All I ask is that you invest a little bit of your time to judge for yourself…

  • If you are stuck on the endless hamster wheel of “anti-anxiety” drugs and their harmful side effects… or
  • If You are frustrated with fruitless talk therapy that actually makes your anxiety or phobia worse… or
  • If You are just gritting your teeth and doing your best to suffer through it all…

Fast, affordable, permanent relief for your suffering is finally within your grasp

What would it be like to:

  • Forget about dangerous drugs and their frightening list of mind numbing side effects?
  • Forget about the endless torture and expense of weekly therapy sessions that just seem to make the problem worse?
  • Forget about the shame and embarrassment of being terrified of things that don’t seem to bother any body else?
  • Forget about the sweaty palms, clenching jaw, sinking feeling in your gut?
  • Forget about the caustic bio chemicals rushing through your body as the fight or flight response triggers over and over?
  • Forget about all the wasted opportunities for success, love, health and joy?

What would it be like get your life back?

You have my solemn promise that I will respect your intelligence and your valuable time. I will make no claims that I can’t support with hard evidence. Think of the next few minutes as an investment in your future sanity and precious health.

If at any time you have questions you can e-mail me direct at:
Mark [at], or call my office (toll free/24-7) at 888-598-7709 and leave a message. I promise to get back to you promptly.

After helping hundreds of anxiety and phobia clients in my private practice get massive relief (often in a very short time) and over 50,000 people online around the world, I’ve come to realize one thing…

You and I are a lot alike

Here’s what I know about you – chances are, like me, you would answer “yes” to one or more of the following questions:

  • Do you worry or get anxious about your sexual performance, tests, presentations, sales calls, your kids, your health, dating, being alone, being in groups, performance reviews, rejection, constructive criticism or other “feedback”?
  • Have you ever experienced the “out of the blue” terror of a panic attack that totally freaked you out?
  • Do you now live in fear of it happening again? But you never know when… So it looms over you like a gathering storm constantly threatening to strike at the worst possible moment? Grinding around in your mind on an endless movie loop?
  • Have you been diagnosed with GAD (General Anxiety Disorder), “Social Phobia” or “Social Anxiety”?
  • Do you have embarrassing phobias that cost you? Like fear of: flying, driving, bridges, heights, elevators, bugs, snakes, birds, confined spaces, water etc.
  • Do certain people or situations trigger gut churning irrational fear, sadness, anger, guilt or shame?
  • Have you ever been accused of being over sensitive? Do your feelings get hurt or do you get offended easily?
  • Do you have significant talents and abilities that aren’t being fully utilized?
  • Are there negative patterns in your life, relationships and work you seem doomed to repeat over and over and over?
  • Do you avoid the very things that would bring you money, recognition, success, love, health & well being you want?
  • Have you ever felt the grim clenching hopelessness wondering if you’ll ever feel “normal” again?

You are not alone.

“Thank you so much, I thought there was nothing I could do, I don’t feel so stuck anymore.”

~ BeautyBlogs

Here’s a letter I got just the other day.

Dear Mark,

I’m writing from Mexico City.

I’ve been suffering from this terrible nightmare since I was a teenager. Now I’m 33. In about 2 months I’ll take a flight (I’ve experienced 2 panic attacks flying and have an absolute terror of flying in an airplane), my future depends on it because I’m going to live with my fiancé in the USA.
These last 2 months my anxiety and phobias have increased. Now, I feel I can’t drive because when there’s a lot of traffic I feel ill. I can’t help it but I start yelling, “Someone get me out of here!”

I’m stuck. Help me.

Today I went shopping with my mom and dad. My dad was driving. When he drove back home I was very nervous with my hands shaking, having a panic attack. I felt like, “PLEASE STOP THE CAR! I just want to be home right now. Something bad is happening to me.
I’ve been seeing a psychologist and I just talk about my problems. My therapist only tells me to watch other people and see nothing is happening to them. Or to imagine I’m two people and not let the “fear person” control me.

I want to be happy and free.

I’m very thankful for the Stop Anxiety technique. Is there any way I could learn some of your other techniques?

~ L. C., Mexico City, Mexico

Have you ever experienced something similar? I have.

Here’s a letter I got recently from a high powered executive.

I am — despite some pesky limiting beliefs and ADHD — a successful executive. I have everything it takes to be an incredibly successful inspirational and motivational leader, speaker, trainer, and coach – if it were not for my fear of public speaking…

~ J. F. USA

I’ve worked with several corporate executives and CEO’s who exerted huge amounts of energy to hide the fact that they were terrified of failure or speaking in front of groups. They would imagine themselves to be having a heart attack or some other ailment. But all the tests showed them to be perfectly healthy. The result was that they felt even worse! Now their family was thinking of them as being hysterical or a hypochondriac.

Hi Mark,

I wonder if you could help me…my boyfriend has been suffering from suspected anxiety for the past month. It got quite bad before we went on holiday as he is under quite a bit of pressure at work and tends to stew over things instead of talking about them and getting them out in the open.
He has had an ECG scan of his heart today to check there is nothing wrong there as the doctor here wants to rule everything else out and has not suggested that it could be anxiety. It is very frustrating as we are constantly waiting for more appointments and my boyfriend is angry that nothing can be done for ages as we don’t definitely know what it is.

Your videos inspired us into thinking perhaps there is help out there. I did psychology at university so I can relate to a lot of the information you say. The only problem is my boyfriend does not consciously know what is stressing him – he cannot pinpoint it – but he does mull over things and tend not to take action to eradicate things which are preying on his mind. He thinks things over all day and gets more upset up about it. However although your technique works for things when he can pinpoint the stressor – what if he can’t? For instance – even at the weekend he can have the symptoms – or when he is at his mum and dads and should be relaxed – it seems there is no certain cause.

Here are his symptoms:

* Feelings of being out of himself
* Difficulty concentrating
* An almost constant ‘sinking feeling’ uncomfortable below his ribs
* Feeling as if he is about to faint (sweating came with this until he taught himself that he never did actually faint)
* When going to the gym or to the shop he suddenly feels out of himself – so in public situations.

I would really appreciate your thoughts on this. Thing is – he shouldn’t be feeling like this – he is 25 – brilliant job, fit – goes to gym, eats healthy, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink much, happy and moved 4 months ago to a lovely new house. He says things couldn’t be better – so very odd to happen!

Thanks for anything you can suggest or any knowledge which may help.

~ Lucy, England

Can you relate to any of these people? I get e-mails from dozens and dozens of folks just like you all over the world. Every single day.

You are not alone!

What is your worry, anxiety, panic or phobia costing you?

Seriously! Grab a pen and a piece of paper and write it down.

Your health?

The stress on your body of the fight or flight hormones released by your body in response to anxiety or panic is downright toxic. It’s designed to get you out of danger. Every once in a while. You know, if a lion is chasing you or something. But to trigger it every day on a constant basis will eventually hurt you. Bad.

Your Career?

If you are filled with fear and worry and anxiety and cringing at the thought of another panic attack, your work will suffer. Whether you are self employed or work for “the Man”, it’s going to hurt your chances of success. Instead of seeing and acting on opportunities that knock, you’re so focused on what could go wrong that you actually create that.

Your Relationships?

For folks with social anxiety or even the typical shy guy with approach anxiety, just starting a conversation with someone can be a grim, miserable ordeal. What are you missing in your relationships because of anxiety? Also, you may have patient family members. Most of us anxiety sufferers do not. Many anxiety sufferers suffer even more because of the skepticism and impatience of their family members. How does your family deal with your anxiety challenge?

There is a solution.

There is a different way.

And you can get the tools you need and discover how to apply them today.

Let me guess…  you have tried will power, forcing yourself to do the thing you are afraid of…and it got worse right? Since forcing yourself to face your fear didn’t work, you just do your utmost to avoid the situations that trigger your discomfort, shyness, anxiety, fear, phobia or panic.

Avoidance is tricky though because you never know when you will unexpectedly find yourself in a “trigger” situation…

So you never know when you will suddenly experience the full onslaught of fight or flight chemicals racing through your body, heart pounding, clenched teeth, tight throat, light head, churning gut, sweaty, shaking hands and worse.

So you become hyper vigilant, always on the alert…

You’ve probably beaten yourself up asking, “What’s wrong with me? Other people seem to be able to do this, why can’t I?.”

Have I come close to what you’ve been struggling with? Like you, I struggled with all the stuff I’ve just described. It just sucks doesn’t it? There’s no way to sugar coat it. It just SUCKS!!

Are you ready to start CRUSHING Anxiety right now?

Mark’s intensive phobia-releasing session CURED me. The “trigger” no longer causes me to shake and tremble. That’s a miracle! The healing affected more than just me.”

~ A. Hart

The first step is to arm yourself with some powerful knowledge…

There are 5 key things you need to know in order to Prepare Yourself to CRUSH Anxiety…

1. You are not Crazy!

Turn up your speakers and click on the “Play” arrow to watch this important message…

You are just highly intelligent, sensitive, imaginative and no one ever taught you how to protect yourself. You are like a fine musical instrument the fact that you are finely tuned and receptive to the energy, attitudes, events and vibrations around you doesn’t mean you have a disease! No one thinks of a Stradevarius violin as messed up because it is responsive to vibrations.

2. Anxiety is not a disease or a “chemical imbalance in your brain.”

Turn up your speakers and click on the “Play” arrow to watch this important message…

Anxiety is thinking about the future and vividly seeing what you do not want to have happen. This process enabled our ancestors to plan ahead and take action to avoid freezing or starving to death during the winter.

3. Phobias and trauma are one time learning events.

Turn up your speakers and click on the “Play” arrow to watch this important message…

With a phobia or a trauma you are thinking about something that happened in the past. Just like when you might have accidentally put your hand on the burner of a hot stove. Your mind makes a powerful vow to watch out for that and avoid it in the future.

4. Why Anxiety is so Intense and “nasty.”

Turn up your speakers and click on the “Play” arrow to watch this important message…

So if you think about what you don’t want to have happen in the future your Unconscious Mind reacts as if those nasty events are actually taking place in the present moment. If you think about what bad things happened in the past, again, your Unconscious Mind perceives it as happening now.

Thinking about the last panic attack you had (the past) and worrying about when the next one might happen in the future creates a powerful, negative double whammy that sends fight or flight bio chemicals coursing through your bloodstream.

This is a very clear example of the Mind/Body connection. Your body reacts to your thoughts of danger as if the danger was real. Watch the video for an example of this. The mind and the body are interconnected. Your body responds to your thoughts, pictures, self talk and focus…

5. Why Talk Therapy and Psychotropic Drugs Don’t Work:

Turn up your speakers and click on the “Play” arrow to watch this important message…

Talk therapy makes trauma and anxiety worse because you end up talking about both the past and the future in ways that bring the trigger events up on your mental movie screen. Your unconscious mind doesn’t know that those events are not actually happening, so you end up reacting as if they are real… the imagined events aren’t real but the reaction in your body IS.

Psychotropic drugs have a toxifying effect on the liver.

Thousands of people have experienced horrible side effects from them and ultimately they don’t solve the problem. At best they mask the symptoms. They don’t cause you to change the way you run your mind or respond to external or internal events that cause your body to react and go into “fight or flight” mode. If they were working for you you wouldn’t be reading this would you?

So you might be asking now… “What does work? And how can I learn it quickly and affordably so I can start getting relief right away?”

"Anxiety hit me hard about 5 months ago, and I’m not exactly sure where it came from, only that the thoughts, pictures, and sensations it produces are very disturbing. I’m not ashamed to put it out there because I now know I’m not alone. Once you realize that you can direct your unconscious mind, therefore your thoughts and anxiety through PRACTICING the Anxiety CRUSHING Techniques, then the road gets much easier to travel. It is a journey, and Mark has a lot of great, drug free techniques that I intend to KEEP practicing as I leave my fears in the dust once and for all."
Cheryl E., Personal client

After investing over $53,000 dollars in books, courses, trainings, certifications, and thousands of hours of intensive research and testing over 10 years I’ve discovered…

7 POWERFUL Anxiety CRUSHERS that you can use to stop anxiety or panic in 10 minutes… or LESS

Turn up your speakers and click on the “Play” arrow to watch this important message…

Out of hundreds of useful transformation tools and techniques I’ve discovered and put into practice in my own life and the lives of my students and clients these 7 are the easiest to remember and actually put into practice in the midst of a full blown panic attack or anxiety storm. I’ve put them all together in one place so you can learn them and use the easily and almost effortlessly.

I’ve made it so simple that even an elementary school child with “separation anxiety” or “Test anxiety” could learn and use them.

Consider for a moment the cost of:

  • living with anxiety day in and day out
  • flying to Albany, NY to work with me one-on-one like some private clients do
  • endless talk therapy week after week at a $100 or $200 bucks a pop

What does all that add up to?

And what would it be worth to YOU to finally find a proven solution to anxiety NOW?

"When I woke up this morning I was thinking about my panic attacks. I could not remember that last time I had one! I used the techniques in your CRUSH Anxiety Program... Thank you so much for all your help."
Robin, about Crush 2.0

Fast, affordable, permanent relief for your suffering is finally within your grasp

You don’t have to spend the years of research, training and certification I have to discover and use proven techniques designed to help you CRUSH anxiety for good.

What’s more, you don’t have to shell out the big bucks like I did over the years (shelling out more than $53,000 on training programs and certifications), plus years of testing and refining these techniques with actual private clients like some of these folks…

“I have done the clearings for all the emotions for the last 3 days, and the timeline for the anticipatory anxiety, and my panic is gone!!!! 😀 I feel so good, I almost can’t believe it!”
~ Michael

“Mark, I just used one of your 7 Anxiety CRUSHER techniques on a situation I was anticipating that was VERY anxiety provoking. I had to use it about four times on the event, and each time I could feel my anxiety lessen to the point where it is now totally gone! This stuff really works great! Thanks again for all your help!”
~ Norma S.

“This is a very helpful technique i felt better immediately after practicing.”
~ Selenc986

“I think your videos are Awesome and overall are sooooooooo helpful I’ve read the linden method and Panic Away and they seem to help with the symptoms but not actually explain HOW to help …THANK YOU SO MUCH i really believe your videos have really opened my mind to understanding I’m really in control I just have to give the right instructions and I’ll get a positive reaction! This is going to help me with so many things in my life that always held me back.”
~ Victoria N.

“Thanks so much for doing all this. Your method really has changed my life within 10 minutes.”
~ celtic426

“Thank you thank you!!!!”
~ juuliuuz

“Thank you for posting such helpful information for new sufferers (but not for long now) like myself. I’ve only started getting anxiety/panic attacks for the last 6 days and was seriously hoping it wouldn’t turn into a lifetime issue until I decided to see what was available on YouTube. After watching ALL your videos i feel better in knowing there is a way to overcome this without the aid of drugs. I’ve just come back from seeing my medical practitioner who prescribed me Lorazopam 2.5mg. NO THANKS.”
~ punkpistol

“Thank you sir. Your videos have been a great help. THANK YOU !”
~ kayleebrianna

“Really awesome– clear, helpful– very effective. Thank u so much!!!!!!!!”
~ Animalll2003lll

“Thank u so much !! I like how u help us with out recommending meds , I hate meds I feel they make u worse but thanks so, so, so, so, so much for the advice !! Keep up the good work you are a genius.”
~ StarAngel094

“Amazing! Real information…Thank you!”
~ Shottagon

You know, you’re obviously really serious about overcoming anxiety for good and I just want to take some time to acknowledge you for that. Most people never take the time to educate themselves the way you have.

You’re online, you’re watching these videos and reading this, and you really have the commitment and determination to do this now.

That’s why you’re perfect for Crush Anxiety. It’s specifically for people like you who want to stop anxiety once and for all because they’re ready to live life to the fullest.

  • Don’t take my word for it.
  • Don’t take the word of these other anxiety sufferers…
  • Simply select the program below that’s right for you!
All of the Crush Anxiety programs are digital, instant downloads. No waiting for Fedex, UPS or the postal service to deliver your package.

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“Oh my god… When you said ‘Now wheres the anxiety?’ It gave me the biggest grin I have had in a long time… ‘cuz it was GONE! This is genius! You’re a genius sir!”
JayTheBoat, Website comment

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There are actually more than 23 of these…

I’ve actually got over 40 of them that I’ll be including in your updates at no extra charge….

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“Mark, I just used one of your 7 Anxiety CRUSHER techniques on a situation I was anticipating that was VERY anxiety provoking. I had to use it about four times on the event, and each time I could feel my anxiety lessen to the point where it is now totally gone! This stuff really works great! Thanks again for all your help!”
Norma S., about Crush 2.0

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“Hey Mark, I just wanted to say that I just tried one of the Anxiety Crushers right now and I feel so relaxed and worry free. I’m 17 and I’ve been dealing with stress and anxiety quite severely since around 5th grade and had many weird symptoms such as my palms feeling kind of strange, almost as if my hands were having the anxiety and just feeling overall horrible at times, but I haven’t felt this good for a long time and it’s a great feeling. I just wanted to say thank you so much and I really appreciate the help.”
Kent, Personal client

More Testimonials…

Meet Jon Barb, A corporate trainer who showed up in Manhattan for a training that turned out to have been relocated to Stamford CT. Needless to say he had a major anxiety attack but used my techniques to calm down and figure out how to get to Stamford, how to save the day and ultimately the client…

Meet Cheryl, who 5 months prior to working with me began to have anxiety and panic attacks out of the blue…

Meet Michael Guerin who had a severe phone phobia or “call anxiety” before I worked with him. We worked together in 2007 and he’s doubled his income every year since…doing business mostly on the phone…

Meet Carol who had a level 10 anxiety about an upcoming road trip…I worked with her for 2 hours and this is a glimpse of how she felt at the end of our session…

Angelina was shaking and trembling whenever a certain person walked into the room. After a 1 on 1 session that included the 7 Secrets to Crush Anxiety, she was fine.

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“Your technique has helped me A LOT in the past 2 days.”
V.M., Website comment

My 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

guarantee1This program is FULLY Guaranteed. Meaning… take the entire course, read all the materials in the workbooks and guides, watch all the videos, use every tactic and technique I share with you, and if for whatever reason under the sun you’re not entirely happy with the program simply let me know and I’ll fully refund your payment. After all, it’s a digital course and there’s nothing for you to return anyway.

Again, all I ask is that you listen to ALL the audios, watch the videos, read the material in the workbooks and guides, and then APPLY those techniques as outlined in the program. These techniques have worked with hundreds of clients over the years, and with other people like yourself who have downloaded the course and shared with me their results (as you’ve seen on the site). Does that sound fair to you?

Still more testimonials from people like you…

“These videos are rare gems worth watching. No gimmicks, to the point, helpful information that I am using as you teach and visualizing the results. T H A N K Y O U ! !”
~ Shottagon

“Agreed on every word. Most awesome videos!!!”
~ Animalll2003lll

“Worked for me as well thanks alot :)”
~ slamedcivic1302

“Thank you for this awesome video!! I have GAD. I’m having a hard time figuring out what it is exactly that I’m afraid of happening in the future. What do I do if there’s something that I’m afraid WON’T happen in the future, and I want it to happen? What about if there’s something I’m afraid of happening in the future, but I don’t know when or where it will happen (anxiety attacks). I decided to trust my intuition and just pick some fears at random, and I did find some relief, so THANK YOU!!”
~ eablokker

“Excellent technique* Well done, that is one of the best I’ve tried. Instant impact.”
~ swervemufc

“Great info, man, thanks for putting it out there!”
~ NintendoCapriSun

“Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
~ Thet3

“Thanks dude… It may sound simple and crazy but it does work… Your mind doesn’t know the difference between imagined and real. Just imagine the positive outcome. See it happening… Program yourself to be successful and u will b.. Good stuff man!”
~ ssips720

“What a wonderful technique! Thank you so very much.”
~ klonk98

~ rachaelgolden

“I’ve Have 2 Months Dealin With Anxiety/Panic Attacks n Its So Good for Ppl Like Us to Have Ppl Like U Who Take Time to Help Other Ppl n I Just Wanted to Say Thank U So Much I’ve Been Searchin For Information about it n Thank God I Know How to Control it Better. Thank u ;)”
~ Wisin305

“Thank you for posting this video. it does really help. You are a great man!”
~ neskasis

“Wicked! Seriously man that was soo helpful. I was dreading work today and was also feeling down because another job i applied for were not getting back to me. Using this technique i instantly felt better and then i received 2 emails, one saying work was cancelled today, and another stating I’ve got an interview! 😀 It’s soo good using my mind for the best instead of the worst”
~ badgersex76

“That was amazing. It really did make an impact in terms of how I perceived my anxiety. My perspective on my previously anxious situation is now one that I can handle. We really can alter reality by the way we perceive it. Thank you very much and bless your heart Mark. Thanks for sharing!”
~ enchanted1rhapsody

“You’re awesome god bless you and people like you!”
~ ninothekidd000

“Thank you for this. I’ve recently been diagnosed with GAD in the past week. I find that medication doesn’t work for me and I’m constantly anxious about anything. Especially about my physical health. I’ve been looking for answers for a long time and I’ve found that techniques such as yours are a big help. I really appreciate people that actually want to help such as yourself. Keep up the good work i will be definitely trying your techniques :)”
~ wilde33

“Thanks a lot man, it really helped me right now about my flying anxiety that I will be on a plane in 12 hours and I was very worried but your tool really helped….hopefully it will work when I’m on a plane full of people and over an ocean high above the ground …well done.”
~ Blazinhotzulfe

“Thank you so much for this, wow! You’re great.”
~ celinademars

“Excellent* Brilliant* Well Done* You will help thousands if not millions of people around the world.”
~ swervemufc

About Mark Shepard

Mark Shepard is a singer songwriter guitarist percussionist, storyteller, visual artist who formerly suffered from acute anxiety, phobias, shyness, self sabotage, and many self limiting blocks to success.

In addition to his creative arts profession, he has helped over a quarter of a million anxiety sufferers around the world to CRUSH anxiety.