Social Anxiety Disorder Linked to…


One of my most trusted resources is the daily blog of Dr. Joseph Mercola. Here is what he wrote the other day about the over prescription of anti-anxiety and anti-depression medications: "Social Anxiety Disorder Linked to High Serotonin Levels, … [Read more...]

Monica Lewinsky: The Price of Shame

monica lewinsky ss

I think a big piece of the anxiety puzzle is living in this "not so brave new world" of intense media shaming and humiliation. NO ONE knows this more intimately than Monica Lewinsky who was "patient zero" in the modern digital world of humiliation, … [Read more...]

The Power of Introverts

susan cain power of introverts

Are you introverted? Have you been attempting to "force" yourself to be extroverted? What's the difference between "Shyness" or "Social Anxiety" and "Introversion"? Why have introverts been shamed and shunned in our culture? After 30 years of … [Read more...]