What is the single most important thing to know about anxiety?


This is taken from an email I recently sent in response to someone struggling with anxiety. Hopefully it can help you, too! The single most powerful thing you can do to help yourself is to understand that anxiety is thinking about what you do not want to happen. Your unconscious mind cannot fathom that this […]

The Root Cause of Anxiety


What is the root cause of anxiety? Knowing this makes ALL the difference and it will help you understand what causes anxiety, and why anxiety is NOT a disease. Because anxiety is not a disease, there is no cure. And that’s great news for you, because if you get at the root causes of anxiety […]

The Truth About Curing Anxiety


If you suffer from anxiety and you’re looking for a natural cure for anxiety, please take a few minutes to watch this video all the way through to find out what anxiety IS, and what you can do to overcome it for good… Ready to overcome anxiety… for good? If you suffer from… phobias anxiety […]