Stop Anxiety: Overcoming Male Performance Anxiety Part 1


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Overcoming Male Performance Anxiety

There are lot’s of different scenarios where anxiety is connected with some kind of performance.

  • Test anxiety
  • Music performance anxiety
  • Fear of criticism
  • Fear of public speaking etc.

But there is no more challenging area where anxiety rears it’s ugly head than Male Performance Anxiety, also called Erectile Dysfunction or the worst label of all, Impotence. Just the words themselves can have a powerful negative charge.

I’ve recently done a 4 part series on male performance anxiety that might be helpful for you if this is something you or someone you love is struggling with.

Here’s Part 1: Where we talk about one of the key empowering concepts that can help you CRUSH performance anxiety.

Watch Part 2 of Stop Anxiety Expert Mark Shepard’s 4 part series on Overcoming Male Performance Anxiety

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