Stop Anxiety: Overcoming Stage Fright or Fear of Public Speaking

Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking

If you have ever felt that sweaty palms and shaky voice that gets triggered when you even think about speaking in public you know about this particular kind of performance anxiety. More people are afraid of speaking in public than are afraid of death! Some call it stage fright, others call it shyness, others label it anxiety or fear or nervousness. Whatever it’s called, most of us experience it at one time or another.

To get a valuable tip that can help you to begin to shift this old pattern, turn up your speakers and click the play arrow to watch the video below…

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A few testimonials…

“Hey Mark, I just wanted to say that I just tried one of the Anxiety Crushers right now and I feel so relaxed and worry free. I’m 17 and I’ve been dealing with stress and anxiety quite severely since around 5th grade and had many weird symptoms such as my palms feeling kind of strange, almost as if my hands were having the anxiety and just feeling overall horrible at times, but I haven’t felt this good for a long time and it’s a great feeling. I just wanted to say thank you so much and I really appreciate the help.”
Kent, Personal client